As we live our lives, we can move towards what matters most to us at our deepest levels. The path is rarely direct, because life places diverse demands on us. These demands, whether making a living, succeeding professionally, raising or caring for a family, or any of the other challenges life throws our way, often take precedence over what we would like to do if we had the means, the clarity or the ability to mindfully chart our own course. Coaching gives us the tools to be more intentional in choosing the direction that we wish to go, and provides the support that we need to reach our objective.
The coaching relationship is about gaining self-awareness and exploring possibilities. It begins with developing clarity about ourselves -- where we are on life's path, what we want, and what are our challenges -- and evolves through identifying possibilities and changes we would like to make, and then charting a course to achieve our ultimate objectives. These objectives may range from feeling more engaged and purposeful in our current lives, to pursuing entirely new interests with a view towards greater satisfaction and purpose. Both the journey and the ultimate destination are part of the experience of transition coaching.

Transitions often provide the optimal opportunity for a positive coaching experience and meaningful change. Coaching is client-centered work– helping the client get clarity about what is most important and supporting the client in achieving those goals. Coaching is also about helping the client overcome the obstacles and challenges that may lie in the way to the desired result, whether they be self-imposed limitations or external obligations. 

Transitions can open our minds to reconsidering the ways we have always thought and to questioning old habits and patterns.  While transitions often bring the discomfort of uncertainty, they also can inspire us to explore entirely new possibilities. Transitions offer an opportunity for growth which gives us a chance to align our lives more closely with what we deeply care about.

For many of us in our 50s and 60s, we live in a time where we can expect many more healthy years of life than our parents enjoyed. That gift brings with it a challenge -- what shall we do with these extra years, particularly when meaning, purpose, and being fully engaged have become increasingly important to us? Transition coaching provides a unique means for addressing this challenge by exploring, in a collaborative relationship, how to creatively live the next chapter of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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